HGV Accidents – 3 Ways To Prevent them!


More than 2000 lives are lost from road traffic accidents on British roads every year. Death and serious injuries on the road have become a regular occurrence that affects countless lives and families, which can be easily been prevented. As the death toll caused by road-related accidents continually rise annually, heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) play a big part in these catastrophic incidents, and can often result in multiple lives being lost.

We recently had the trial of a driver who was involved in the unfortunate accident with the death of one of our colleagues. He recently had his trial where he had a tray table on the dashboard. This would make your MOT void. He was therefore unable to see a cyclist in Birmingham. She died at the scene.  Please do stick to the law when driving HGV trucks. He has been dubbed as the ‘Lorry driver who killed a doctor’. Details of this can be found here.

If you are a HGV driver who drives on British roads for work or other related causes, preventing a large portion of accidents on the road. Driving safely on the road is equivalent to saving lives as you’re preventing fatalities.

Here are a few important steps you could take as an HGV driver to be smart on the road, save lives, and prevent HGV-related accidents:

 1. Stay aware of everything that you come across on the road and prevent accidents

 Driving requires a heightened sense of awareness of your surroundings anywhere you go. This is even more important in driving something as big and as technical as an HGV that could cause major accidents with only a minor mistake. As an occupational hazard, the possibility of missing out on your blind spots can cause an accident that could have been effectively prevented by being aware of your surroundings on the road. Consider any threat or potential cause for an accident that could come about ahead, beside, or behind your vehicle.

2. Drive carefully at all times and inspect your vehicle before leaving

HGV Accident

and prevent accidents

 One of the major causes of HGV related accidents on the road is reckless driving. With some of the busiest roads in the entire European region, it is possible that your head will boil over because of other aggressive drivers can put your life and the lives of others at risk.

As one of the heavier vehicles on the road, it would be much harder to control your vehicle when trouble comes unexpectedly as compared to smaller vehicles. Which means that you should just drop the anger and let the aggravator be. Aside from road-behaviour related issues, it’s also best to stay away from the pub a day before heading out to work on the road. Simply because the after-effects of alcohol might alter the state of your mind and make your HGV a moving threat on the road that can’t be stopped.

On the other hand, it’s also important to inspect your vehicle before travelling and find out the driving conditions you can expect to encounter. Vehicle defects and weather conditions (such as icy roads or hard rain) are one of the major causes of HGV-related accidents and driver fatalities. It becomes worse when no amount of control is present in a tense situation brought about malfunctioning parts or tough conditions.

3. Always be disciplined and responsible on the road and prevent accidents

 Small mistakes, such as taking your eyes off the road to check a text message or going past the speed limit to get to your destination faster can end up in a full-blown HGV accident in only a split second.

Being responsible at all times when manoeuvring your HGV can make a huge difference in how far away you are from being another accident statistic in a coffin or behind a jail cell. Aside from being responsible on the road, it’s also important to be cautious before hopping in your HGV and heading on to your next destination: this means getting enough sleep beforehand or knowing when your body needs to rest, which means you’ll need to rest and let your boss know that you’re capping off the workday early.

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