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HGV Driver
HGV Driver

There are quite a few myths when it comes to HGV driver training. These common misconceptions might make people feel reluctant about getting the license when they actually have the abilities to. If you are planning to hold an HGV license, here are some things you might hear that simply aren’t true:

“Getting on a HGV training course is difficult.”

 Contrary to popular belief, you don’t actually need any specific qualifications in order to be a HGV driver. You do, however, need to be over 18 and must hold a UK driver’s license for 3 years. As long as you get the right trainer for you and find the right provider to accommodate you, you should be able to get on a training course without any problem.

“The HGV medical test is pretty serious and scary.”

 By law, all HGV drivers are required to be in a good state of health in order to control these types of vehicles on the public road. For this reason, there is a required medical examination for new drivers, and anytime a license needs to be renewed. The medical examination is not as scary as people make it out to be. It’s just a simple check-up that will allow you to get the necessary reassurance that you are fit enough to drive without being a hazard on the public road.

“The industry is sexist.”

 Female HGV drivers are a minority in the industry, but they are increasing in numbers and are always welcome. In general, most people are quite respectful toward their fellow drivers, regardless of their gender. There is an acceptance of woman drivers in society now, even behind the wheel of an HGV. The world has become a lot more accepting in general, so the industry is following as well. If you are a woman and are intimidated or worried that you will get sexist comments from your business or co-workers, you should go for it; you might be pleasantly surprised!

“Even after training, it’s hard to find a job.”

 This myth cannot be any less true. There are tons of haulage companies and other industries that are desperate to find drivers; you just need to know where to find them. Currently, it is estimated that over 45,000 drivers will be needed after Brexit. You Once you are finished with training and have received your license, you should go online and start searching for jobs. There are tons of places that will be needing you, whether it’s in your area or the town near yours. Make some calls and do some research; you might even ask your training program if they have any recommendations. Here is an article which confirms this gap that will need to be filled.

“Driving an HGV is hard.”

 This one is relative. Depending on your training and what kind of person you are, driving can be either hard or easy for you. With the right guidance and practice, you can become a professional HGV driver. The amount of time it takes for one to get used to driving this type of vehicle is unpredictable, and it may be considered difficult to some. Yet in general, we can learn anything or do anything as long as we have a positive mindset to go for it.

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