HGV Medical Examination, Some Quick Facts



Medicall Examinatrion Form.




The HGV Medical Examination shows you are fit to drive a HGV. The HGV Medical examination is comprised of two parts. These are the interview and the physical  examination. After that, you will need to submit the D4 Medical  along with the HGV application. A copy of the medical Examination form can be found on the national website. 


Listed below are the physical qualifications you need to pass an HGV Medical examination: 


Eyesight Examination

A drivers eyesight is very important. Therefore if there is any concern , it can pose a major threat to the safety of the driver and other drivers. The examination will include peripheral vision, depth perception,  and general eyesight to assess a candidate’s fitness. 

Neurological Problems

Neurological issues may affect how the driver reacts to a given stimulus. For example, you may have a slower response time or you may freeze when they see a bright headlight.  The examination requires answers to a set of questions. 

Mental Health

Another important consideration when it comes to HGV Medical Examination is your mental health . Some psychological issues may cause the driver to be more prone to making dangerous situations. If you have Psychological illnesses such as anxiety, severe depression, or schizophrenia do not worry. You will have to show the condition is stable.

Substance Abuse History

Substance abuse is something that a HGV driver cannot have. Therefore Drivers will need to show that they have gone through a rigorous rehab to ensure that they have achieved complete detoxification The examination comprises of questioning for this. 

Diabetes Examination

Diabetes may not have a direct effect on driving but it can affect your energy level when it comes to long drives. Therefore, the medical staff needs to make sure that each driver is in the state to operate a motor vehicle safely. They also need to know how to manage their condition and not allow it to affect them while they are on the road. 

Cardiac Examination

You never know what you’re going to encounter in the open road, which is why the risk of a driver of a multi-ton vehicle having a heart attack during a suspenseful drive needs to be prevented. If the driver’s heart condition is not ideal or if they have a history of heart attacks, the driver may not pass the examination. Additionally the heart sounds are also examined. 

Sleep Disorders

HGV drivers will  drive long hours, sometimes throughout the night. They need to be able to sleep properly when they get the opportunity to do so. Therefore, if the driver has a history of sleep disorder, their HGV driver’s license may be rejected until the condition is treated. 

In conclusion these are some of the health concerns that will need to be tested in order for a driver to pass the HGV Medicals. Above all, this is required to keep you and others safe on the road.


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