How to Improve Your HGV Driving Test

If you’re looking to launch a career as a commercial vehicle driver, you will need to pass the LGV & HGV Driving License test before you can legally start driving a heavy vehicle on a public road. Before you take the test, you need to have gone through the CAT C (Class 2), CAT C1, and CAT C+E (Class 1) training courses. These courses will ensure that you have all the skills and knowledge necessary to operate a heavy goods vehicle safely and effectively.

If you have been through all the necessary training, you will need to prepare yourself for the big test day. To make sure that you pass the test, keep these nine tips in mind:


Have a clear goal in mind when driving

Knowing what you’re taking the test for will keep you focused on the goal, which will ensure that you don’t get distracted or anxious during the examination.


Don’t forget the basics when it comes to driving

You don’t want to lose points on the most rudimentary things such as forgetting your seat belt, neglecting to check the monitor, or failing to adjust your mirrors. These are the things you should do first every time you step in a vehicle, so make sure that you go over a basic checklist before you shift the gear into drive.

Get enough rest before the test

We know that the day before the test can be nerve-wracking, but you need to make sure that you sleep well. This will ensure that your mind stays sharp at all times.

Talk to your trainer before driving

Your trainer’s primary responsibility is to ensure that you are ready to take the test. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them. They want to see you pass the test just as much as you do!

Eliminate all distractions when driving

You don’t want to be bothered by anything when you’re taking the test, so it’s imperative that you turn off your mobile phone. Doing so will help you to stay focused on the task at hand. If you wear a smartwatch, you may want to switch it for a traditional wristwatch instead to minimise the distractions from the vibration or the ringing.

Come up with a plan

You should have a clear direction as to what you want to do during the test. This will ensure that you can maintain your attention throughout the course of the examination, as you will be driven by one goal. As a tip, you should write your weaknesses down so that you know what you need to avoid doing.

Always use the handrail

You aren’t making a good impression if you slip and fall when you’re getting up into the testing truck for the first time. Make sure you get a good grip on the handrail and secure your footing so that you look confident and ready to take the test. While confidence may not be a part of the scoring criteria, it doesn’t hurt to show the instructor that you can handle yourself.

Practice makes perfect

If you realise that you’re not proficient at something, whether it’s reversing, parking, or heading into a sharp turn, work on them to ensure that you get better. Practice really does make perfect!

Don’t focus on the mistakes when driving

Even if you make a mistake during the test, let it go and focus on the task at hand. There’s no point in crying over spilt milk, as it’s always more beneficial to focus on the present. Remember, one mistake isn’t going to cost you the test, but a series of errors made out of anxiety definitely will.

For any further information take a quick look at Safe Driving who explain what to expect. 

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