Price: £54.99 30 minutes

Taxi Medical Assessment Prices from £49.99. Eye test included. Use code 5OFF at checkout to save £5 Online Only. 
This includes the eye test and a free re-test if you are not medically fit to drive.

Let our doctors help you obtain your Taxi Medical!      

Need a taxi medical?

  • Vital Medicals can help with your Taxi Medical
  • We Provide Medicals for Wolverhampton, Solihull, Dudley, Walsall, Wychavon, Wyre Forest and South Staffordshire councils and Many More.
  • VitalMedicals provide a fast and professional service. Allowing us to assist you through your taxi medical – all with excellent value
  • All of our doctors are GMC registered with a licence to practice in the UK.
  • Importantly, we have performed thousands of medicals with many satisfied drivers
  • Furthermore, VitalMedicals can assist you in getting your medical. So you can continue driving safely on the roads!
  • All of our medicals are subject to a free re-test. Therefore if you have any issues during your medical you can get them sorted prior to sending the medical.

For us to make sure we can help you please remember to bring your:

  1. Driving License Or Passport & Depending on council a Proof of Address such as a Bank statement or Bill.
  1. Please try and bring a copy of your medical records with you if you have suffer from a chronic medical condition such as Diabetes, Previous heart attack or stroke. Please find further information by reading our FAQ section.
  1. Current medications and doses: Your repeat prescription would be ideal. Or, bring all the physical boxes for the medications on the day.
  1. Your glasses or Contact Lenses IF you wear them with prescription.
  2. Your Taxi medical Form (This may be generic and if so we may have copies in office or may have been personally sent to you via your council)

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What you pay:
Booking your appointmentPrice
4 weeks in advance£45
3 Weeks in advance£50
2 Weeks in advance£55
1 week in advance£60
Within 2 days£65

Additional information



For us to make sure we can help you please remember to bring your:

1. Glasses prescription if you wear glasses or contact lenses during driving.

2. Relevant Medical history – Normally a FULL GP summary which can be obtained for free from your GP. If you are having a PCO license medical we are unable to carry out the medical without this. If you are having trouble obtaining the GP summary please see our FAQs.

3. Current medications and doses – Your repeat prescription is ideal

4. A copy of the results of any medical investigations/tests you may have done

5. Form of I.D (passport or driver’s license) along with any other form of I.D as specified by the relevant forms

6. Your relevant application form

If you have ever had ischaemic heart disease (a heart attack, angina, coronary artery bypass graft, or insertion of a stent) you must have a treadmill test every three years to hold a taxi licence. This is not included in the medical.

If you have diabetes and use injectable treatment you may be able to hold a taxi licence but you will need to be seeing a diabetes specialist every year and keeping a record of at least twice daily blood sugar tests.

If you have diabetes and take certain tablets you will need to be doing a blood sugar measurement at least twice a day.

If you have high blood pressure and are on tablets you need to provide us with at least 3 readings done at home on different dates.

Cancellation Policy
You are able to amend/ cancel your booking but you must give at least 72 HOURS NOTICE. If the notice is less than 72 hours WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO REFUND the cost of the appointment.
You can do this by calling the call centre in working hours or via email.

The Free Re-test
We understand that there may be unforeseen conditions which may lead to you not passing the medical assessment. In the event of you failing the initial medical assessment Vital Medicals will give you the opportunity to rebook for another single appointment within 60 days of the initial assessment. We will not be able to accommodate the free re-test after the 60 day period. This applies to the date of the retest assessment, not when you book for a re-test.