HGV Medicals

    HGV medicals are performed regularly by VitalMedicals. Our doctors have passed 1000s of HGV drivers. Get your D4 medical booked today.

    Guaranteed free Re-test Policy

    Price £37.99
    PCO Medicals £18.99

    Trying to obtain a PCO license?
    Our specialist GMC registered doctors can help you obtain the correct PCO medical.

    Guaranteed free Re-test Policy

    Price £42.99
    D4 Medical

    Preparing for bus driver?
    Let VitalMedicals help you get your D4 Medical.

    Guaranteed free Re-test Policy

    Price £37.99
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    Vital Medicals

    Vital Medicals – About Us

    VitalMedicals is a nationwide service created by drivers for drivers helping you pass your medicals in a quick and simple manner.

    Originally created in the midlands, VitalMedicals has expanded to help drivers all over the U.K.

    Whether you need your medical for HGV, PCO license, minicab, taxi or motorsports we aim to help you through your medical examination. Our doctors have passed 1000s of drivers and we’re waiting for you to book now! BOOK NOW and take advantage of our free re-test policy.

    HGV Driver

    Andrew Recommends Vital Medicals for HGV Medicals

    Why Choose Vital Medicals?

    Local Medical Centres
    Across The UK
    We will soon open facilities nationwide so you can get your medical even quicker. Our doctors are also available to perform medicals at your site for a block or group bookings.
    Reliable Service and
    Highly Rated

    Medicals are Vital to ensure safety for drivers and pedestrians. We also understand a delay would stop you from working. Our GMC registered doctors will provide a reliable and high-quality service ensuring a problem free medical.

    You are also covered with our FREE re-test if you need any adjustments.

    Next Day Appointments

    We understand how busy drivers are and getting a medical when it suits your schedule is difficult. We can offer next day appointments at request.

    Please email us so we can ensure we have a doctor ready and we will do all we can to accommodate you.

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