6 Shocking haulage facts YOU may not know

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The haulage industry is HUGE. While driving on the road, you may have spotted a few heavy goods vehicles (HGV). You know that they carry goods from one place to another, but most likely, that’s all the information you know about them. Here are some hidden facts you may not know about HGVs:

  1. Almost all goods in the UK are moved by road

 About 98 percent of all goods consumed in the UK, from food, drinks, to jewellery, are moved from one destination to another by road. That said, road transport is considered the backbone of the country’s economy. Without the road transport industry, the UK’s economy will be in huge trouble. Most goods come from other countries, so the industry is concerned about the possible effects of Brexit.

  1. Haulage industry provides thousands of job opportunities

 There’s always a job opportunity for a HGV driver, and it’s relatively stable and regular employment. Currently, there are approximately 600,000 HGV drivers in the UK. However, the industry still has a shortage of drivers. Logistics can fill in 36 percent of their driver needs, albeit with a delay. Unfortunately, they don’t think 15 percent will be filled at all.

  1. The haulage industry is one of the biggest employers

 The haulage industry is one of the biggest creators of jobs in the UK. It ranks at No. 5, behind the NHS, military, and HMRC. In addition to HGV drivers, the industry also needs transport managers, packers, warehouse managers, and more. Haulage jobs account for 2.5 million jobs across various companies and roles.

  1. Haulage is a multi-billion-pound industry

 The haulage industry is worth £124 billion, which is not surprising given the significant numbers of jobs it can create. Without the people working in moving goods from different places, the economy can be paralyzed.

  1. HGV industry attracts all sorts of people

 The industry has an opportunity for every person. Women can also be HGV drivers, and so are out of school youth, those who have a logistics-related experience like warehousing, and even those who come from another industry. The average age of HGV drivers is 48. About 13 percent of them are EU nationals.

  1. HGV means big weight

 HGV stands for many things, and one of the most impressive is how big HGVs can be. Today, 524,000 commercial HGVs weigh over 3.5 tonnes—about the same size as a teenage African elephant. Road Haulage Association members drive 250,000 of these vehicles, which guarantee the quality and service of the driver. Here is a link to the different classes.


 HGVs play a crucial role in the UK economy, transporting virtually all the goods in the country by road. It provides regular and stable employment to many people, and the demand for HGV drivers continues to develop.

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