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Looking for a HGV or D4 medical? We are still taking bookings. We know it is difficult to get in with your GP in the current climate with the coronavirus.

The coronavirus is a very dangerous and highly contagious virus. However we do need to ensure that our key workers continue to work and deliver goods.

We have spoken to the DVLA and they have advised us that drivers will still require a medical in order to continue to drive. Tests for key workers such as ambulance drivers are still going ahead.

We have also spoken with trading standards who have asked us to continue to trade until further notice.

They have said “There is a clear exception of closure for Medical services (such as dental surgeries, opticians and audiology clinics, physiotherapy clinics, chiropody and podiatry clinics, and other professional vocational medical services).   From the information you have provided, I would say you fit into this definition and are a key worker as you are helping maintain the work of key workers.”

So if you are a HGV driver, Bus driver, Coach driver or an ambulance driver please do not worry. We are still taking bookings for medicals.

We are aware of the risks pertaining to this virus and therefore have very strict infection control procedures. If you do not comply with these we will have no choice but to cancel your medical.

Prevention of coronavirus spread during your medical, What you need to do


Please be aware that the medicals will take longer as we try to comply with our infection control policy and the government guidance for social distancing.

Don’t be alarmed, the doctor will be wearing a mask and other protective gear for your medical, this is for both our and your protection. When you come for your medical you must:

  1. Please fill out the register at the reception/ waiting room
  2. Take a disclaimer form and fill this in your car.
  3. Maintain social distancing i.e. not be within 2 meters of another person unless they are our staff (in full protective gear).
  4. A doctor will call you in as soon as possible either on your mobile or in person.
  5. Please continue to wash your hands and follow the government guidance.

Please do not come for the medical if you or your family have any of these symptoms or you are self-isolating as per the government requirements:

  1. A new persistent cough
  2. Fever
  3. Shortness of breath
  4. Fatigue

Full guidance can be found on

Please stay safe so that we can continue this service for your fellow colleagues.

Lets keep the country moving so we can beat the coronavirus together!

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This information is true at the time of writing this article 1/4/2020 16:15.

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