How achieve success as a HGV driver

Steps to success
Steps to success

The demand for skilled and qualified heavy goods vehicle (HGV) drivers continues to grow all around the country, this will be the key to your success. Many businesses are on the hunt for HGV drivers that can support their distribution efforts. Now that the demand for drivers continues to beat the supply, new drivers will find that there are many opportunities available. Fortunately for these drivers, they can handpick which jobs they want to try. Whether they choose to be a local delivery driver or a long-haul truck driver, they can eventually benefit from the rising demand leading to your success.

However, even though you can find a job quite easily nowadays, you should not miss every opportunity to grow your skills and credentials. You should also strive to continuously improve and allow yourself to climb further up the ladder.

As a team of medical experts that have been working within the transport industry, we have some tips and reminders that may help you grow further career-wise.

Experience is Good, Not as Much as the Right Attitude

In almost every job opportunity, having relevant experience can help an aspiring applicant get the position. In the HGV transport industry, you will find opportunities and assignments that strictly require some level of expertise. These jobs usually require drivers to handle extremely high-value goods and travel long distances, that’s where you will be able to attain success.

Don’t worry, though. Everyone has to start somewhere. You will find opportunities out there that welcome newly qualified drivers. After all, experienced HGV drivers won’t get to where they are if they didn’t start small.

That said, don’t hesitate to start small. When you have the right qualifications and attitude, you will eventually acquire adequate experience that will qualify you for better-paying jobs.

Looking for Opportunities: Agency or Self Search

If you need help finding excellent opportunities, you can go to driver recruitment agencies. These are popular among first-time drivers because they exist to help aspiring HGV drivers find jobs that match their skills and qualifications. These agencies work with many businesses that are looking for drivers. So, you can’t go wrong seeking an agency’s assistance.

However, you can also choose to look for opportunities yourself. You need to start by creating a comprehensive CV that will showcase your qualifications, qualities, and skills. Print a couple of copies and save a soft copy. You can apply for jobs online or hit the streets and try personally asking businesses if they are looking to hire an HGV driver. 

Always Be Prepared – Opportunity = SUCCESS!

When you get called for a meeting with a prospective employer, you have to be prepared whether you’re talking to the CEO or human resource personnel. Make sure you dress appropriately for the occasion and look as professional and tidy as possible. This will send the message that you’re serious about getting this job. You will most likely be asked about your qualifications, so you can practice answering such questions before the meeting. When they ask you to write information about yourself, make sure you write legibly and as accurately as you can. Here is some general advice regarding success and fulfilment in life. 

If you’re seeking an opportunity to get your foot in the industry, consult VitalMedicals for your driver’s medical. As a HGV driver, you’ll be spending most of your time on the road, and it’s crucial that you are always healthy. Talk to us now to make sure you’re in top health condition!



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