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HGV Driver

Just like any career, becoming an HGV driver requires training as well. The cost-to-benefit ratio of pursuing a career as an HGV driver is an advantage to anyone considering this path. Compared to other careers that will take months and tens of thousands of dollars to be trained, training to be an HGV driver may only take a few weeks for a few thousand pounds.

Here are some of the things you need to know about HGV training costs, which can help you evaluate if it is a worthy investment for you:

  1. Training costs vary

 The actual HGV training cost varies depending on the type of license you are planning to get. However, while there is no absolute amount, what you are assured of is that it will only be a fraction of what you would have to pay for university education. When you have completed your HGV training, you will not have student debts that you will have to carry once you have started with a job. Even when you borrowed a loan to pay for your training, you can easily pay it out.

  1. Training includes classroom sessions

 Part of the training for an HGV career will be spent in a classroom. You will learn about several topics such as road safety and hazards, legal compliance, load handling, CPC and more. All the topics are relevant to how you can practice becoming an HGV driver.

  1. Training includes practical tests

 Aside from learning about the concepts directly related to an HGV career, you will undergo hands-on training. Therefore you will be working behind the wheel and learn by experience. This is where you can apply the concepts you learned in the classroom. As you practice the skills, you may encounter questions, so it’s the best time to ask your instructor.

  1. Ensure your Instructors are experienced

 You will need to ensure you undergo training under the supervision of an experienced HGV instructors. They also have the relevant commercial driving entitlement, so they can demonstrate the actual skills beyond what’s written in the books. Having someone who has been recommended by someone else can be useful too. For instance, our HGV training partners include Phil Brown LGV training in Droitwich,  Transervice training in West Bromwich and Top gear training in Halesowen.

  1. Training includes student support

 Training facilities have programs that are designed to assist HGV students. You can get the support you need in completing the training and getting your license.


 The cost of HGV training may vary according to the license you need, as well as where you live and the provider. You can shop around, do some research, and ask questions to make sure that you save time and money, and you get the most of your investment.

While the training for an HGV driving career is only a fraction compared to gaining a university degree. licensed HGV drivers are highly skilled professionals. Furthermore, it’s not a job everyone can do, therefore HGV drivers can pride in their skills.

Part of securing an HGV license is passing a medical exam. VitalMedicals can provide you a quick and cost-effective medical for drivers of all types. Ensure that you are medically fit to get on the road to ensure a safe journey! Book your HGV medical here.

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