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Training Company


The career of an HGV driver can be a demanding profession, so the government needs to make sure that you’re in the best condition to operate a heavy vehicle. That’s where a HGV certificate comes in. To get one, you must undergo a training programme to prepare you for the exams. 

 There are many HGV training companies out there and their services are great, but you’ll need to be able to separate high-quality ones from the rest. That said, here are five tips on how to find the best HGV training company for you: 


Do your research on the HGV  Training company

 The first thing you should do when looking for a HGV training company is to put together a list of candidates. Don’t be too hasty about hiring a company until having all the information you need to make an informed decision. You need to do your research. Driving a HGV is very different from operating a regular vehicle.  

 HGVs are much more difficult to handle due to the added weight and length, so you need to make sure that you’re working with a training company that can equip you with the skills you need to operate one properly.  

 The training process will require experience, teaching skills and tools to ensure that you’ll learn quickly and effectively. Those are what you should look for in a training company. If one of the candidates on your list doesn’t meet these qualifications, you should keep looking. 


Look for DSA-certified trainers on the HGV course.

 Finding an experienced instructor is half the battle when determining the quality of an HGV training course. You can’t expect to learn how to operate a vehicle from someone who hasn’t really had much experience with it.  

The best kind of trainer is someone who has handled HGVs before. Therefore, when you’re scouting a company, you’ll need to check their website to see if they’re DSA-certified or not & if they have any other qualifications. That will help you make sure you get the best training possible, which can improve your chances of passing the HGV exams immensely. 


Ask loads of questions about the Training company

 It’s not enough to read about each company on the internet, as that information can be highly misleading. The best way to learn how the company operates is to get in touch with them to see how they communicate with clients. 

Listed below is a set of questions that you should ask the HGV training companies you’re looking to work with: 


How long has the company been in business? 

What is their average passing rate of your students? 

Can I meet any of the instructors beforehand? 

Where is the training facility? 

What equipment do you have there? 

Can I have an assessment drive? 


These questions will give you a much better understanding of the company and how they work, which will help shorten your list of candidates even further. You can find your local HGV comapnies and courses at on the national government website. 


Don’t be too eager to make a deposit to the Training Company

 If you don’t think you’ve found the right training company, then you shouldn’t give them any money. Before you part with your cash, make sure that you’re paying for the training courses that will give you the best chance to earn your HGV license. If that’s not what you think is going to happen, you should keep looking. Rushing to pay an unqualified company for sub-par training courses will be a waste of both money and time. Before making any payments, be absolutely sure you made the right choice. 


Make sure the Company Keep up with the new rules

 You want to make sure that you keep up with the latest changes and rules introduced by the government, as you can use them to determine the readiness of a training company. For example, the new Driver CPC entrants require applicants to pass two theory and two practical tests to earn their HGV license. You should be able to ask companies about any new changes and the company should be upto date and should have adjusted their curriculum according to the new examination standards. 

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