Finding the correct HGV Training course

Every HGV driver needs a Category C license in order to operate large and heavy vehicles on a public road. The process of getting the license requires extensive background checks and medical examinations to ensure that you are mentally and physically capable of operating heavy vehicles. You will need to enroll in an HGV training course to get a certificate which you will then attach to your Category C license application form.You will need to choose a reputable HGV training company to ensure that you get the best education on how to safely operate a heavy vehicle. 


With that said, here are a few mistakes that most HGV applicants make when looking for the right training company: 


Focusing too much on the Training instructors


There are only two types of HGV instructor qualifications: the NRI and the NVDIR. While these may be the only currently recognized qualifications, those who don’t have them are not necessarily underqualified to train you to operate a heavy vehicle. These instructors may actually charge less for their services, as they aren’t licensed trainers, but it will be more difficult to find a fitting one. Therefore, you may need to look at customer reviews and ask the company about each specific instructor to learn more about their capabilities and training style. 


Only considering the cheapest option


It’s never a good idea to always go for the cheapest option when you’re looking for an HGV instructor. We’re not saying that a good instructor needs to be expensive, as you can definitely find a skilled one at a much lower rate. However, the majority of those who charge less than the market average may not be qualified to do the job. Otherwise, there may be other reasons under the surface that cause them to keep the rates low. You will need to talk to them and ask about the prices and the services they offer along with the quality of training they will be able to deliver. 


Committing to the first Training Company they see


Finding the right HGV training company is like finding the perfect property. You will have to do some shopping around to find the best option. We recommend that you gather a list of potential candidates and do some research into each company so that you can find one that is the best fit for you. 


Signing up for a Training course over the phone


We understand that you may want to get things done as quickly as possible so that you can start your training right away. However, we suggest that you refrain from finalizing a booking over the phone. Sure, it may take less time to give them a call and confirm the reservation, but it’s very important that you see the training facility before you book a training program. If you’ve finalized the payment and all you see during your first day at the training course is an open field with little-to-no additional features, then you’re stuck with them until the course is over. 


Rushing to take a Training Test


We understand that you want to get a license as soon as possible, but it’s important that you make a point to pass on the first try. After all, retaking the test can be a frustrating, time-consuming process. Moreover, it will be an overall waste of money. It’s imperative that you work with an instructor who will be honest with you so that they don’t send you to take your test before you’re ready. The course should require no less than 20 hours from you to ensure that you have all the basics of HGV driving down. Make sure you look for one that offers at least that much amount of time along with any additional consultations. This way, you can be sure that you’re prepared to take and pass the test on the first time around. 


Only looking at the pass rates


The pass rates are the mainsource of controversy in the HGV training industry, as some companies use them as the sole source of advertisement. The issue with pass rates is that they neither take the baseline driving skills of the HGV driver into account nor do they consider the qualifications of the trainers. Therefore, you need to look deeper into the company, as that will give you a better picture of the services they offer. 


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